"...The characters are fully rounded, the setting almost painfully real, the plot exciting, and the dialogue fresh -- in short it's a winner."

--The Sherlock Holmes Journal,

Published by the Sherlock Holmes Society

Of London

"...vastly entertaining...I didn't want it to end..."

-- The Ineffable Twaddle

Published by the Sound

of the Baskervilles (the SOBs)

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Currently sold out, Tom promises to revise and republish "The Art and Science" as soon as his next book, which features Goodfoote coming to the aid of Samuel Clemens in San Francisco, is at your local bookstore.

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It is in "The Art and Science of Tracking Man and Beast" that Charles Goodfoote and his Blackfoot Uncle, Keeps-the-Lodge, first appear, their lessons in tracking disguised as stories. As Goodfoote notes in the book: "It has always been my contention that to learn to track humans, you must first learn to track other animals. I learned my skill mostly at the side of Keeps-the-Lodge of the Blackfoot Nation. As my background and training led up to my illustrious career as a tracker of evil-doers, I believe a study of it will be of benefit to others. While the stories in this book may seem mere trifling adventures for a quiet evening of reading, the lessons in tracking are true and instructional, for those with a serious bent of mind."

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Tom's first book, written while he was an Investigator with the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office, is a must-have for Sherlock Holmes fans everywhere. Extensively researched from the Canon and drawn by Tom, the sketches portray crime scenes from 14 of Holmes' adventures.


"I am enthusiastic about CRIME SCENE SKETCHES: about its concept of expanding the reader's knowledge of the Watsonian Canon, about its filling a need in the understanding of Holmes and his methods and results that we all want, and about the fact that this book is in the grand tradition of strict, careful, basic explication of the Sixty Stories...And I am happy to say that in my opinion CRIME SCENE SKETCHES is worthy of the appellation 'Higher Criticism.'"

-- John Bennett Shaw, B.S.I.